Jewelry is my heritage.

It always has been. My father was a jeweler who spent his life turning his love for jewelry into a successful business. I was lucky enough to watch him. My own love affair with jewelry truly began at age 10. It was the first ring my father gave me. A yellow gold ring with an oval cut coral center stone and two tiny little diamonds on each side. I was in awe of its beauty and almost surprised at the feelings that it ignited within me. How truly magical these rocks and metals became when crafted together to form such a beautiful and meaningful piece that I would wear, look at and love every day.

Every chance I had, I watched my father get lost in this world. Regardless of what he was doing, whether it was designing a new piece, helping someone pick out something special for a loved one, or even just fixing an old watch, I loved every aspect of this business. Throughout high school and college, I worked in our jewelry store after school, weekends and holidays. I witnessed my father and his business partner build a wildly successful business and even more impressively, establish a truly loyal, family-like clientele. I learned a great deal about diamonds, gemstones, watches, art, values, repairing, buying, selling, and all things in between.

My father bestowed upon me his unparalleled respect for this craft while instilling in me the idea that every transaction is to be made with integrity and appreciation for each and every client, no matter what. I received my Graduate Diamonds and Diamond Grading diploma along with my Colored Stone Essentials from the Gemological Institute of America. I became the primary buyer for our store’s multi-million dollar inventory. I enjoyed appraising, designing, and working with a very diverse clientele.

Every piece of jewelry has a history and every piece taken home continues that story. There is nothing I love more than being a part of that and now, it is my own business that allows me to do so. My vast knowledge, experience, and countless established relationships ensure that my clients will be well informed and have many options so they can choose what makes them the happiest. Like my father always said, “There is nothing better than a happy client.”