I am passionate about jewelry and style.

I also love the personal relationship aspect of this business. My desire is to make each experience with us a truly joyous one for my clients. In that regard, I realize that we live in a new age where traditional jewelers have to compete with faceless online retailers. A traditional jeweler offers highly personalized service, as well as the ability to see and touch the actual piece you are buying. Online jewelry retailers may have a large selection and competitive prices, but lack personal service and often deal in disappointing, commercial grade gems that lack luster, fire and beauty.

This inspired me to create a company that combines the best of both business models. Personal service, expertise and immense resources give me the ability to find or design what you desire most – without the stress, time and hassle. And unlike online retailers, I can customize pieces, so they are truly one of a kind.

Jewelry is a monumental purchase in life. It is a symbol of love and eternity – a small work of art that marks a moment, a milestone or a significant accomplishment in life. Whether bold or demure, classic or contemporary – jewelry makes a personal statement that can complement your natural features, suit your lifestyle and enhance your image.

As a jeweler who is solely focused on style and personal service, I can find or create the piece that perfectly captures the emotions you wish to express – all with a flair that is uniquely yours.